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There is good and exciting news for gamers as another framework coming to PUBG Event Mode. You can think about the PubG Event Mode as an occasionally changing preset Custom Game where one attempt new things and trying different things with various techniques and game parameters.


Having the opportunity of the Event Mode in PUBG, players will be capable of having Battles on different grounds and levels generally not accessible in the common matches. In any case, it is intended to be significantly more than only a preset Custom Game, as Event Mode will include new structures as well as features, and much of the availability of features is for a limited period of time. Enjoy the other taste of PubG like Pubg Army Attack.

You can also customize your own game and make the settings of your own choice: from the frequency of Air Drops to the size and frequency of the circles one can also customize the weapons and the number of players as well as the location and map. To win, or to be the last man standing you need to be vigilant and wander around the island while gathering things that will help you against your enemy that brings forth in the play zone.

The enjoyment of this PUBG Event mode version is in the hands of the user. More energetic the user is more enjoyable the game will be. One can have unlimited fun and fair enjoyment by playing this amazing game. Now broad the limits of the game and enjoy PubG APK for PC.

The developers of Event mode said that this version is currently simple and fair because they want to test out the new system. When it is life, it will permit up to eight players on a group that will ultimately be more exciting and more thrilling.

Game Feature

  • War mode strategy game.
  • Good quality audio and visual effects
  • Large battlefield area.
  • Explore and discover the whole area and collect the things that might help against an enemy
  • Vehicle driving is also included
  • Training mode is on.
  • Friendly fire is disabled.
  • Overcast weather.
  • Killed players will be again given chance.
  • No vehicle respawns.
  • HD mode and descriptive Map.
  • Have unlimited fun and enjoyment.

Download PubG Event Mode Latest Version for free

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