Download PubG HACK ANDROID Free & Guide How to Hack

PUBG Hack Android version keeps going with top-level designs on Android. Because of most recent emulators and productive systems, you can enjoy and say that this version of PUBG android will run effectively on any ongoing. Furthermore, if you have any good emulator – the ones we utilize you will get the most extreme as well amazing features and have unlimited fun and enjoyment. Download PubG APK for Android Free.

Join this amazing shooter PUBG game stuffed with thrill and excitement with a large number of different players.

Download PubG APK for PC

This PUBG Hack Android game highlights all of your requirement for extraordinary fun and amusement. Join the game, discover supplies and be the solitary survivor. This version of PUBG game highlights High-quality audio and visual effects and HD sound, Realistic weapons, Travel in style, Team up with companions, make a better plan to defeat your enemies.

Download PubG Army Attack for Android 

Discover how to play PUBG Hack android version and run this versatile and amazing game on your smartphones. Our guide works best as you can also download it. For Mac clients, the article bolsters most recent macOS cycles alongside more established OS X variants. Further, we don’t stick to only a solitary emulator, rather we have an assortment of projects that work on giving you the best work area gaming background.

How to Hack PubG by using GameGuardian APK

Step # 1 – First of all, you need to download PubG Android APK from the Google Play Store. And then rooted your Android smartphone. If your device is already rooted you may proceed to the next step.

Step # 2 – Download and install the game guardian APK.

Step # 3 – Once the GameGaurdian App is installed you need to minimize it and run PubG Game.

PubG 1

Step # 4 – Once the game is fully loaded you need to tap on the GameGuardian icon and here you need to tap on the menu option and then navigate to the “Execute Script”


Step # 5 – Download the PubG Mobile.lua Script. And once you download it. You need to located that folder where you have downloaded the scrip and tap on “execute”.


Step # 6 – Wait for some time the PubG hack Android will reload and again you need to tap on the GameGuardian icon and now select the option “New Bypass”. This option will open after the Tencent Logo.


Step # 7 – Now here the script will load the game and you can now select the various hacks. For example, you can select the wallhack, wallhack menu and many other options as per your wish.


PubG Hack Android Features

In-Game Slider you can hide some of the elements in this amazing game like for example, Rocks, Trees, Grass, Walls, Wheat, and so on. Enables you to see concealing enemies and foes from afar.

  • Disable Trees
  • Conceal Bushes
  • Hide Grass
  • Conceal Wheat
  • Conceal Haystack
  • Disable House Doors – See Loot and Enemies through Doors
  • Hide Smoke from Smoke Grenades
  • Conceal Certain Walls
  • Hide Certain Houses – Adjustable X-Ray Hack
  • Conceal spans – Easily Spot Bridge Campers
  • No/Disable Fog – > Disable mist totally.